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Experience true class and style with a Rolls-Royce car rental from Aera Global


The pinnacle of Rolls-Royce. An untameable legend. An icon for icons. Phantom Series exists alone at the apex of luxury. Its unprecedented design is an evolution in mastery — invigorating the mavericks who command its splendour.Creation of familiar conditions and atmosphere on business trips and travels anywhere in the world. Elite, secure and private.
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Whether you drive or are driven, this is a space for clarity. Perfection is the expression of each element in its purest form. For those who recognise beauty in restraint, Ghost is an obsession.
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This is freedom absolute. The first all-terrain SUV from Rolls-Royce makes luxury off-road travel a reality for the first time. Pinnacle luxury is now effortless, everywhere. Share unforgettable adventures in the company of friends. With its spacious interior, Cullinan accommodates every traveller in unparalleled comfort.
Rental conditions and car models vary by region


Designed to be driven, Wraith comes alive on the open road. Its exhilarating pace and luxurious execution set the standard within its class, for its vitality is matched by no other GT on earth. Propelled by a muscular engine, Wraith accelerates with purpose and brawn.
Rental conditions and car models vary by region


Dawn is an emblem of spontaneity. A drophead coupé crafted to empower the free spirit. Dawn is for those who take off at a moment’s notice, going wherever the road leads. It is for the individual who will never be tied down. With Dawn, let inspiration guide you.
Rental conditions and car models vary by region
Based on materials from the official website of Rolls-Roys Motor Cars
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