Aera Global
Aera Global
A virtual tower of exclusive services and products. Guaranteed comfort, privacy and security of your life.

The idea to create Aera Global belongs to people who, like no one else, understand the problems of their clients. The owners of the company have once faced the same issues in arranging premium-level leisure and business trips, but did not find a suitable comprehensive solution on the market. This is what prompted them to address these difficulties on their own — to found a project that will enable to keep the habitual lifestyle in business and leisure trips and enjoy them comfortably without any fuss.

The owners of Aera Global developed and launched a convenient service and became its first regular customers. The company rents out an expensive and safe standard of living — both in real life and in cyberspace. A set of solutions eliminates the necessity to search for other providers as it covers all possible requests: premium class cars, private jets, yachts, luxurious residences, cyber security technologies and physical security services. It can both satisfy individual clients and their families as well as address the needs of businesses of various levels.

The team of Aera Global helps customers save their precious time and energy every day. And the founders of the corporation constantly assess the quality of the company's services themselves.

By personal example, they prove that anyone who has desire and resources can enjoy calm, comfortable, confidential, and luxurious life anytime of the year anywhere in the world.
The Idea